Blockchain Adoption Drivers @ LSDVE 2018

Blockchain may not always be the best suitable technology for a particular problem. However, we observe that blockchain is applied in many initiatives where alternative technologies fit better. Here, adoption of blockchain appears to be an irrational choice.

If blockchain is indeed not the best technical fit in these initiatives, then what drives blockchain adoption?

In August 2018, I presented our work at the Sixth Workshop on Large Scale Distributed Virtual Environments (LSDVE 2018). We propose both technical as well as non-technical blockchain adoption drivers. In particular, these non-technical driver may explain the rationality behind the seemingly irrational choices.

Our paper can be found here: drivers-blockchain-adoption v1.0

This is me, this is what I do

This is my first post online in a blog. Ever. After years of keeping a low online profile (due to previous work, and because it simply takes time), it was suggested to me to create a website, and post some of the things I do.

The short version is, I have a family, a full-time job at ING, I’m doing a part-time PhD, teach chess to kids, do weight-training multiple times a week, I love to read, play (video / board) games, and occasionally play one of my electric guitars. So, time is limited. Nevertheless, I’d call it an active life.

For the moment, my posts will be about my research, but I may add some other topic here as well. See you online!