Academic C.V.

PhD research

2014-current: PhD student (part-time) at the Radboud university

Promotor: Bart Jacobs

Supervisor: Erik Poll


  • Koens, T., & Poll, E. (2020), Blockchain Utility in Use Cases: Observations, Red Flags, and Requirements, to appear
  • Koens, T., & Poll, E. (2020), Drivers and Impediments: Experts Opinions on Blockchain Adoption in the Netherlands, to appear
  • Koens, T., Van Aubel, P., & Poll, E. (2020). Blockchain adoption drivers: The rationality of irrational choices. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, e5843.
  • Koens, T., & Poll, E. (2019). Assessing interoperability solutions for distributed ledgers. Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 59, 101079.
  • G√ľndlach, R., Hoepman, J. H., van der Hofstad, R., Koens, T., & Meijer, S. (2019). Hydra: A Multiple Blockchain Protocol for Improving Transaction Throughput. arXiv preprint arXiv:1910.06682.
  • Morais, E., Koens, T., Van Wijk, C., & Koren, A. (2019). A survey on zero knowledge range proofs and applications. SN Applied Sciences, 1(8), 946.
  • Koens, T., & Poll, E. (2018, August). The drivers behind blockchain adoption: The rationality of irrational choices. In European Conference on Parallel Processing (pp. 535-546). Springer, Cham.
  • Koens, T., & Poll, E. (2018). What blockchain alternative do you need?. In Data Privacy Management, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology (pp. 113-129). Springer, Cham.


Students co-supervised (needs to be updated)

  • Job Douma (2020), Security Analysis of Trustchain. Research internship, (@Radboud University, together with Erik Poll)
  • (@Radboud University, together with Erik Poll)
  • Casper van Ginneken (2019), Settlement of Cross-Border Transactions through Central Bank Digital Currency. Master thesis, (@ING, together with Bert Bruggink)
  • … (@Radboud University, together with Egbert-Jan Sol)
  • … (@Radboud University, together with Marko van Eekelen)
  • Stijn Meijer (2018), …. Master thesis, (@Radboud University, together with Erik Verheul)
  • Stijn Meijer (2017), … Research internship, (@Radboud University, together with Bart Jacobs)


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