Member of the 1000-pound club

On Monday, March 24 2019, I became a member of the 1000-pound club.

Bench: 242 (110 kilo), Squat: 352 (160 kilo), Deadlift: 407 (185 kilo).

Many thanks to my personal trainer, Amir Sharyat who made this possible.

Doing sports helps me to stay fit and healthy, in particular when having a busy life (family, work, doing a PhD, teaching, etc.). Setting goals helps me to focus. Reaching the 1000-pound was one of such goals. It was fun to achieve this goal, although sometimes hard and frustrating (e.g. lacking 11 pounds (5 kilo) while giving all you’ve got).

Happy to see to have inspired others to follow and achieve the same goal. Who’s next?

Interestingly, my 1000-pound stats resemble that of Hugh Jackman.

Now all I need is a t-shirt.