Single digit shoot

Yes! Two more goals achieved. Single digit body fat (8%) and finished a photo-shoot.

After months of following a strict diet, cardio at 05:30 in the morning, and fitness training 5 times a week I was ready for the gruesome last week of photo-shoot prepping. Dropping caloric intake to max 1700 kcal (which used to be 5500 kcal max at some point last year) and very low in carbohydrates, this became a mental challenge due to the complete lack of energy.

The cheat meal the evening before the shoot was divine.

Thanks to Kenneth Nwosu who is an awesome photographer. He is able to make you feel more relaxed during the shoot, provides great advice, and the results are incredible. Follow Kenneth or have a look at his collection on instagram, twitter, or his website.

Thanks to everyone else who supported me during these last few weeks. Photos are available upon request.

Prepping for the shoot was a great experience, one I wouldn’t recommend to anyone 🙂